1. Went to the Yankee game Chloe today. Didn’t know it was Derek Jeter day until we were on our way there. Such a great atmosphere, especially for someone who goes to roughly one baseball game every four years.

    (The only other time I had been to Yankee Stadium was for a hockey game.)


  2. 20yearsof1994:

    Why 1994 Was One of Network TV’s Last Truly Great Seasons

    Vulture’s headline (a question without a question mark) is a really solid statement. The 8 biggest shows on network TV today wouldn’t even crack the top 50 in 1994. Look at the top of that list, Seinfeld, ER, Home Improvement, Friends…

    This month marks the 20th anniversary of the start of what we now recognize as one of network TV’s watershed seasons, an epic year that is most easily remembered for the debut of NBC’s twin Thursday night triumphs, Friends and ER. And over the next four days, Vulture will look back at those Peacock powerhouses, revisit the 1994-95 season’s best episodes and moments (as well as some of the worst), and revel in other phenomena from that banner year of TV: the dizzingly outrageous plot twists of the Fox hits Melrose Place and Beverly Hills, 90210; the launch of Party of Five; the tumultuous season of Saturday Night Live; the mania surrounding George Clooney; and, of course, the still underrated, canceled-too-soon ABC drama& My So-Called Life.

    Man, 1994 was the best.

    [via Vulture]

    LONG LIVE 1994


  3. Played mini golf with my family.


  4. Yesterday vincentpeone and I were walking along Union Square talking about work and how much we love what we do. I loudly (because I get loud when I get excited) exclaimed “I have the best job.”

    And I do think I have the best job. I love producing more than anything else. I love watching an idea find itself. I love working with people all focused on one goal. And I love seeing an end product knowing I helped make it.

    But when I said “I have the best job” a woman walking next to us turned and said, “No I have the best job.” She smiled. Told us she was a painter. And gave us her card with her website.

    I just love it when people love what they do. It’s the best. And I hope you have the best job. If you don’t have the best job, get another one.


  5. whitewhine:

    At 1,000 pickles you shouldn’t be angry, you should be impressed. 

    If you only read one book this year, you should read more books 



  6. gabrus:

    Movies I Watched #62

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit- This was JUST an action movie. Now I love ridiculous action movies as much as the next guy (please see every movie I have watched ever). 

    I just want to say, the thing I like about Jack Ryan movies is that he is a fish out of water. An analyst given a gun, a bookworm that has to save his family. But in this he is a total badass from the getgo. So it feels so much more generic in this way.

    This is the best review of Shadow Recruit you can read on the whole of the internet.


  7. July July! - The Decemberists

    And we’ll remember this when we are old and ancient
    Though the specifics might be vague
    And I’ll say your camisole was a sprightly light magenta
    When in fact it was a nappy bluish grey


  8. For some reason.


  9. This Landon Donovan FIFA 2014 commercial is perfect. … Well the :30 they show on TV is perfect, this 1:26 version (the only one I could find on the internet) isn’t quite as tight. Let’s call it “Almost Perfect.”

    That look at :49 seconds though. Donovan can throw shade better than anyone else.


  10. Current status.