1. There’s a new Bear Hands album! YES!

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  2. Spotted one of the new taxis this morning. I think people are right, they do seem a bit small. #ProCamera7


  3. I ❤️ NY #ProCamera7


  4. 20yearsof1994:

    April 5th 1994 - the day Kurt Cobain’s died

    Kurt Cobain’s death rocked the music industry in 1994. It’s hard to talk about Kurt Cobain without talking about Nirvana. Nirvana had been on top of the world since the release of Nevermind in 1991 and continued their success through the release of In Utero (their final studio album) in 1993.

    It’s true that Nirvana, and Cobain, had become the poster child for Grunge and the Seattle music scene. It was fame that Cobain never wanted, and tried desperately to avoid. 

    The band had reached a turning point, having recorded and episode of MTV’s Unplugged in New York. You can hear in the music that the band had matured, and Cobain himself was operating on another level musically during that performance, which aired on MTV in December of 1993. In true Cobain fashion the 14 song performance included only one hit single - Come As You Are.

    Cobain’s life leading up to his death was a complete mess. There were rumors that Nirvana was breaking up, and Cobain had almost died in a hotel room in Rome in March of 1994.  After the Rome incident he had left a rehab center and was missing for six days.

    On April 8, 1994, Kurt Cobain was discovered in the living quarters above his garage at his Lake Washington house. Cobain previously lived in this house but he still owned it. He was found by a local electrician who was there to do some work on the house. Before calling the police, the electrician first called a radio station to break the news.

    The other part of the news that was so engrained in our pop culture was Kurt Loder’s report. It was this story, this, moment, that gave MTV and MTV News credibility. They were reporting. The (cut down) hour long report (embedded above) has interviews with a Rolling Stone editor, a Nirvana biographer, and is a complete package of past interviews with the band, all anchored by Kurt Loder.

    He was the face we all wanted to see for music news and he gave the story the proper weight it deserved. I remember watching this when it aired. Watching this on MTV I cried. It was the first and only time, I cried when someone I didn’t know died.

    Since Cobain’s death there has been a lot of controversy over weather it was a suicide or if he was murdered. Tom Grant, a state licensed private investigator and former detective with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, is leading the charge claiming that Kurt Cobain was murdered. He runs site Cobain Case and he makes a very strong argument that Cobain was murdered.

    Just last month four rolls of undeveloped crime scene photos were discovered by Seattle Police. Though there was a petition to re-open the case SPD has said the case is closed and there is no new evidence in these photos.


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  6. eightbit:

    That third flames gets me every time.

    Just watched Clue again and went to post this exact clip… when I remembered that I already did once before (in 2011). This movie is perfect. And the third flames still gets me every time.


  7. freeindie:

    Um. There’s a clown running around Staten Island terrifying people.

    Here’s video.

    So… kind of like It?

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  8. Current Status: reading a feature script that I’m very excited about.


  9. Mushrooms


  10. Look up.